Go Starters / Go Movers / Go Flyers

Go Starters / Go Movers / Go Flyers is a course preparing students for the YLE Tests.





Leading to A1, A2















Key features

  • 14 topic-based Units practising grammar and vocabulary through activities in the format of the YLE Starters / Movers / Flyers Tests
  • Four tests in a reduced format
  • One Final Test in the exact layout of the Test
  • Object Cards cut-outs
  • An alphabetical Word List at the back of the Student’s Book
  • Teacher’s notes (included in the 2nd
    Class CD/CD-ROM)



  • Student’s Book
  • Student’s Audio CDs
  • Class CDs including Teacher’s Notes


 GoStarters SB Cover 2CDs  GoStarters ClassCDs




Go Starters Student's Book (incl. CD-ROM)  €                13.90
Go Starters Class CD  €                15.50
Go Movers Student's Book (incl. CD-ROM)  €                14.40
Go Movers Class CD  €                15.50
Go Flyers Student's Book (incl. CD-ROM)  €                14.90
Go Flyers Class CD  €                15.50